Monday, August 10, 2009

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Monday, May 18, 2009

My World of Warcraft Movies

Oozo (Orc Rogue) - Combat Daggers
Oozo (Orc Rogue) - Fear
Oozo (Orc Rogue) - The Beast
Oozo (Orc Rogue) - Oozo Lives

Chromed (Undead Rogue) - I Can Only Beat Noobs 1
Chromed (Undead Rogue) - I Can Only Beat Noobs 2
Chromed (Undead Rogue) - I Can Only Beat Noobs 3
Chromed (Undead Rogue) - I Can Only Beat Noobs 4
Chromed (Undead Rogue) - I Can Only Beat Noobs 5
Chromed (Undead Rogue) - Poison

Iwl (Undead Shadowpriest) - Death Is Not The End 1
Iwl (Undead Shadowpriest) - Death Is Not The End 2
Iwl (Undead Shadowpriest) - Death Is Not The End 3

Arborel (Night Elf Hunter) - The Huntard Files

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oozinator #1 - Knight of the Blazing Sun

This is the first of what will be a series of Choppa movies with commentary. This movie's focus will be on the Knight of the Blazing Sun matchup. In these movies I will be using a Savage 2Hand build.

All tanks present a difficult challenge for a Choppa if they are geared and know what they are doing. The Knight can be troublesome due to his ranged knock down Heaven's Fury, which is something that all serious PvP Knights will have. Along with Taunt and Shield Rush (for the sword and board KoTBs), a Savage Choppa has to be very careful in protecting his Furious Choppin channel.;13706182;/fileinfo.html

Sunday, April 5, 2009

T1, Armor Talismans, and You

When Choppas and Slayers were first released, I had a thought. I wondered what would happen if I stacked T4 armor talismans on my gear knowing that the opposing teams would be full of melee damage Slayers.

The result was quite humerous. Stacking the armor talismans and using an armor pot got me over 95% damage physical damage mitigation at times. Now, the way the Choppa mechanic works is that when you have gone red you do 50% more damage, but your resistances and armor are cut in half. However, cutting 95% physical damage mitigation in half leaves you sitting comfortably at just under 50% physical damage mitigation.

This movie had nothing to do with how strong or weak the Choppa is. It was just to demonstrate what armor stacking can do for you in T1.



Oozo the Choppa

Oozo is back.

The career that I was looking forward to playing the most in WAR was the Choppa. Needless to say I was greatly disappointed when the announcement was made that they would not be in the original release. I reserved the name Oozo and bided my time, and that time has come.

The Choppa is a fun career. But, as usual I am going against the grain. While the vast majority of Choppas are spamming AoEs in the Scenarios I am out doing solo and duo (with Melkeor as a DoK) open RvR. As soon as I hit 28 I went to T4 and things were painful until 30. At 30 you get Sit Down! which changes the way you play the Choppa completely. Getting the third tactic slot didn't hurt either.

Over the next few days I'll be transitioning this blog from it's current WoW flavor to a WAR flavor.

A T4 Choppa movie will be INC soon.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Joining the Darkside.

I'm going to be doing my future blogs on Gameriot for now. There is just a lot more traffic and exposure there and the trolls don't bother to me much. The few intelligent and funny people make up for them by far, IMO.

Currently, I'm in the Warhammer beta and I'm really looking forward to when NDA is dropped so I can start posting some thoughts and videos.

Take care.

Gameriot Blog

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Real "WoW-Killer"

Over the past few months we have seen numerous articles and blogs as to what the next best MMORPG will be. What game will be the predestined and much anticipated "WoW-killer?" We've seen LOTRO fail to stand up to the challenge. AoC, while at first looking like a strong contender, is currently crumbling under the pressure of releasing their game a year too soon.

Darkfall Online? Vaporware
Warhammer Online? Maybe
Zeppelin Pirates? WTF NO

Now the talk is that the only true WoW-Killer on the horizon will be Blizzard's own recently-revealed next generation MMO. Well, I've kept silent enough. There is an MMORPG out there now which could easily dethrone WoW if only more people knew about it.

That MMORPG is none other than Wolfquest. Wolfquest has it all: PvP, high-end PvE, and social interactivity. I'll go through all of these one-by-one a little later in this article, but first you need to see this demo of Wolfquest. In order to entice PvPers to it's game Wolfquest asked some of the most well-known PvPers from BG9 to help them with this video demonstration of their game. Their names will not be given out of respect for their privacy.

Okay, now that I have your attention. Pretty damn awesome, isn't it? And the most awesome part? You can piss on shit! Videogame PvPers have been dreaming about having the ability to piss on their online opponents for centuries. And, now... finally, we have a game that delivers!

So, what does this game have besides the awesome ability to tear out your enemy's throat and piss on his corpse?

1. Riveting PvP As if the ability to piss on someone isn't enough, this game offers fast-paced riveting PvP. Check this footage out. The best action is at the end.

Oh man, that's really got my blood pumping! Let me explain what happened there since many of you aren't familiar with the intracacies of Wolfquest PvP. Okay, first they stared each down, checking each other out. Then the brown wolf suddenly lunged twice missing both times. Then the black wolf lunged back missing once. The brown wolf, realizing that they were outmatched since the black wolf only missed once instead of twice, decides to play dead. The black wolf, however, is not fooled so the brown wolf tried to play dead again. But, the black wolf is pro and is not fooled by this second and often successful feign. The brown wolf then gets up and runs away, which is a good idea because nobody likes to get pissed on.

And if that doesn't convince you that this game offers the most intense PvP to date, then maybe this testimonial will.

"The Golden Wolf giving out real and animated golden showers to other players? It makes my chakra dark just thinking about it." - Ming

2. High-end PvE If PvP isn't your thing, don't worry. Wolfquest offers hours of demanding PvE content as well.

Convinced yet? I know I am, but the best has been saved for last.

3. Social interactivity In a revolutionary move, Wolfquest allows you to aquire mates and even have pups in later patches! Believe it!

Wolfquest mating!
(embedding unfortunately disabled)

So, are you ready for the CALL OF THE WILD? If you are ready for a game filled with blood, piss, and doggy-style sex then this is the game for you. If not, stick to your carebear piece of shit WoW game where you belong.